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Purchasing the right replacement

Most of the independent operators at European level on the so-called market. AFTER MARKET bus does NOT specify which product (brand) is being sold.
The correspondences with the original codes are made approximately and only follow the logic of price and not of quality.
We at F.R.A. , we are the only ones on the Italian market that we make visible on our site for free consultation, which brand we offer and differentiate the association between the F.R.A. and OE ,with different article code.
For us it is important to understand what you are buying and the price differences associated with items that are similar but not the same.
We have always believed in transparency and we believe it is our duty to share this value with the customer.
About 90% of our spare parts are original equipment and therefore have the same qualitative and functional characteristics as the originals.
Our products are ALL approved. It is not just a question of buying the right spare part and perhaps at the lowest price but of being aware of the purchase you are making.
If the price is too low, be wary of it and ask for explanations on what you are buying…… BE AWARE!


From the 23th of December ’23 to the 1st January ’24 included