How to use the website - F.R.A.

What can I do and see on the website

  • Search by alternative code (OEM or producer or other known code) either complete or partial. The shorter the code sequence searched, the higher the number of articles visualised. Remove special characters – , : ; _ / or spaces from the code searched.
  • Search by complete and/or partial description. The description must correspond to the way we named the product. It is not possible to run searches with very generic descriptions as the system will only search for known components.
  • Search by product type, available on the PRODUCTS page (see CATEGORIES)
  • A photo of the item is displayed, where available
  • Direct link to our major partners
  • Product brand corresponding to our code…. It is important to us that you know what you are buying
  • Complete product fact sheet with additional information, other items relevant and/or suggested and possible uses
  • Newsletter archive integrated with our mailing software ….Just in case you missed one!
  • Our catalogues and folders are available on the CATALOGUES page
  • In the download area you can find the catalogues of some of our providers available for consultation and download
  • On the Home page you can find featured products and news published only on our website
  • You can share an article you like or are interest in on social networks or send it via email to anyone you want, even yourself, or you can print the sheet or send us a request directly through the site
  • You can ask for quotes by adding items to the shopping cart
  • Links to the social network pages and profiles of the F.R.A. group
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