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Specifications & Features

1. Horizontal adjustment: double locking, operating elements front, stroke 160mm(10mm×16)
2. Height and rake adjustment: operating elements left s, in fine increments up to 65mm, rake adjustable, ±14°;
3. Weight adjustment: automated up to 130kg(40~130Kg), air pressure 0.3~0.7Mpa(air pressure of headstream 0.7~0.9Mpa)
4. Backrest adjustment: operating elements left, adjust range 80°+41°
5. Head restraint adjustment :adjust stroke 75mm(25mm×3)
6. Vertical locking adjustment: It will be more confortable when drive on the special road.
7. Three seat belt fixing point
8. Pneumatic suspension function: stroke ±30mm。
9. Seat size(length×height×width) 630×1060×525mm
10. Seat cushion height(work state)225mm ; seat cushion width 485m ;seat cushion depth 480mm
11. Backrest height 630mm ; backrest width 485mm
12.Fixing size 216x295.5 mm

Additional Information

Item 2501661
Brand N/A
Unit of measure NR
M.O.Q. 1