The Secure-Air device keeps passengers and the driver away from microbes, odors and air pollution in the bus, so that users can enjoy fresh and clean air while traveling.
It has three integrated modules (ionization, photocatalysis and UV) that operate simultaneously to guarantee complete vehicle cleaning.
The first is the ionization module. The electrical devices present in our environment produce positive ions, whose dominance in the air neutralizes the negative ions, so that the latter disappear.
The result is a disturbance of the ionic balance in the air, which in turn causes the multiplication of microorganisms.
The device allows the production of negative ions which restores the ion balance in the air. Thanks to this process, viruses, mites and fungi are eliminated. Photocatalysis, in turn, causes harmful compounds to decompose into a completely inert product. As a last "filter", UV light is used, which is used to clean the air and remove unpleasant odors.
All these processes take place inside the device and are completely safe for people.
In addition, Secure-Air has a simple display to monitor air quality in real time.