From next April, vehicles for the transport of goods with a mass greater than 7.5 tons and destined for Vienna, may have to respect the prohibition to turn right, unless they are equipped with modern assistance systems for these maneuvers . This is the proposed law presented by the Austrian Federal Government and already notified to the EU institutions in Brussels, in which a test period is foreseen until the end of the year before moving on to a definitive regime starting from January 2021. Provided that Brussels has no objections to the contrary.
The motion - as learned from the Austrian press agency APA - was sent to the EU by the city councilor for transport Birgit Hebein (Verdi) as early as last January. Its text states that "anyone who turns right in the future without a truck assistance system will commit an infringement of the highway code.
The provision applies to all vehicles for the transport and shipment of heavy goods, including municipal garbage trucks, but not to special transport and buses. " Furthermore, it should be added that monitoring systems with radar and cameras would not be sufficient to comply with the new standard, if not supported by acoustic and optical alerts for drivers.
The Austrian capital, which already aims to eliminate the deaths caused by road accidents (Vision Zero is the European principle on road safety), had raised the problem of the right turn when a boy died last year due to a heavy vehicle engaged in such a maneuver, as the young man was in the driver's blind spot.
The statistics - as reported by Asaps - show that the number of accidents caused by trucks in urban areas are in 90% of cases caused during a right-hand turn. In the city of Vienna, on the other hand, between 2015 and 2018, pedestrians and cyclists who died in these circumstances touched a percentage of 15% of the total victims of fatal road accidents.
Proposals in this direction also come from Germany where the Ministry of Transport has issued a rule that makes it mandatory for trucks registered since May 2022 to have a right-hand turn assistance system to help the driver detect the presence of pedestrians and cyclists located near the front of the vehicle or on the sidewalk and to issue an alert signal to avoid collision with them.
Moreover, from the same date (May 2022) also within the Union European will trigger the obligation for newly registered trucks of
be equipped with turning assistance systems and other safety-oriented Adas.
These proposals, but more generally road safety, will be discussed at the second IRU Logistics and Innovation Forum, scheduled for February 21 in London. On the agenda, the association poses the main safety challenges facing the transport sector today and does so by inviting professionals and stakeholders in the sector to speak on topics ranging from digitalisation of transport for better road safety to the impact of platooning. autonomous driving on the road safety agenda.


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